Il quartiere piu' sicuro a Miami quando c'e' un uragano | Hurricane Matthew |

Brickell Is The Best Neighborhood To Be In During a Hurricane. Here’s why.

It’s been a long time, my friends. The last notable storm that hit South Florida was back in 2005, when Brickell was simply a banking center that emptied out at 6pm. Today, as we all sit in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew’s path, something occurred to me. I sure am glad that I live in Brickell. As far as safety and discomfort from a storm is concerned, I feel that Brickellians (or Brickellites) sure have it easy relative to other areas of South Florida.

We don’t have to worry about storm shutters.

Most of the residential buildings in the Brickell area were constructed with hurricane impact glass, so we don’t have to worry about the hassle of putting up our shutters. Sure, we have to clean off our balconies, but we dodge the issue of who is responsible for installing the shutters and sitting in the dark, should we decide to weather the storm at home.

Our cars are stowed away safely in the garage.

Since the parking garages in Brickell are typically in the pedestal of the building, our cars are safely parked in their spots. There is no need to worry about them blowing away or a tree falling on top of them. Also, because they are typically 2-12 floors above ground, your risk of losing your car to flood is relatively low.

We have 3 Publix locations.

Ok, so one of the locations is on the west end of West Brickell, but practically anywhere you live in the neighborhood, there is a Publix that is close enough to scurry into between swells in case you forgot something or need more beer and wine.

If you’re afraid to run to Publix, you could order from any of the countless delivery services. Sure, they may stop delivering during the storm itself, but service will be restored quickly and we can be back to our convenient living.

We will be first on the list when it comes to having power restored.

Speaking of getting back to convenient living, Brickell is one of the most populous neighborhoods in America. According to the Downtown Development Authority’s recent demographics report, there are an estimated 35,000 people living in our little neighborhood that is just over 1 square mile. We are also one of the biggest banking hubs in the nation. Because of this, the FPL regards Brickell as an important neighborhood to keep running. We are the first to receive power restoration after the hospitals. Other neighborhoods that are on the ‘high priority’ list are South Beach along Collins and Downtown Miami.

Does this mean that I’m skipping the preparation? No. I ordered enough LaCroix and flat water to get my family through the next few days and will pass by the store for beer and wine after work. I am thankful though that I’m not hustling with storm shutters.

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