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Appartamento in vendita all'Opera Tower al 52ยบ piano con vista mozzafiato.
Facile da affittare anche a breve termine. Zona in grande espansione, centralissimo.

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Ocean front rentals in SOUTH BEACH - secure your favorite one now

At the desirable DECOPLAGE - oceanfront & best location in SoBe

Beautiful studios, jr. 1 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms with terraces and breathtaking ocean views
$ 2,000 - $ 3,800/month
Ocean view V
beautiful jr. 1 bedroom with balcony & ocean views
$ 3,300/month
gorgeous jr. 1 bedroom with balcony & ocean views
$ 3,300/month
Living III
sparkling white studio with stunning ocean views
$ 2,900/month
view III
nice 1 bedroom with balcony & ocean views
$ 3,900/month
Kitchen II
gorgeous white jr. 1 bedroom with balcony & ocean views
$ 3,700/month
nice jr. 1 bedroom with direct ocean views
$ 3,300/month
beautiful 16th floor studio with marble floors
$ 3,300/month
IMG 0051
stunning ocean view studio with balcony
$ 3,200/month
beautiful studio with balcony & stunning ocean views
$ 2,900/month
nice studio with balcony & city views
$ 2,600/month
1 bed / 1.5 bath with balcony and gorgeous ocean- & bay views
$ 3,900/month
beautiful 1 bedroom with balcony & ocean views
$ 3,300/month


designer furnished 1 bedroom with double size balcony & stunning ocean- & city views.
$ 6,500/month
FLAMINGO PH Studio 1552
amazing bay views from this beautiful PH studio at the world famous FLAMINGO SoBe!
$ 3,300/month
breathtaking bay-, skyline- & sunset views from this gorgeous 1 bedroom condo with balcony at the prestigeous MONDRIAN: $ 6,500/month
gorgeous 1 bedroom condo with stunning bay views and breathtaking sunsets
$ 4,300/month

Do not use Zillow.

Thank you to Sarah D'Hondt for this great article.
Relying on Zillow to accurately determine your home’s value is, at best, a crapshoot. Zillow itself even encourages buyers, sellers and homeowners to conduct other research such as “getting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent” and “getting an appraisal from a professional appraiser.”
Sure, Zillow’s Zestimates® are quick, easy, and free… but so is dating advice from your twice-divorced Uncle Larry. The point? Just let a local real estate professional (who will actually see your home’s unique features in person) determine its fair market value.
First, I don’t believe that Zillow is inherently evil. In other words, they don’t set out to intentionally mislead the general public. In fact, they do have their positive points. Nevertheless, what is the net effect when buyers and sellers use Zillow? They often get inaccurate information, rely on it (even swear by it, ugh!), thus causing migraines for Realtors and agents everywhere.
See, for those of you not working in the real estate industry, you assume that Zillow is a trusted resource to find out what your property is worth. You assume the information is factual, based on homes that have sold in your area (also known as comparables or “comps”), and therefore are to be considered true market value. I’m here to explain to you why this website is feeding you misinformation and why it should not be trusted.

The fine folks at Zillow don’t have the slightest clue about your market. There are approximately 43,000 zip codes in the United States, and each one has variables that affect property values, such as: school district, knowledge of declining or flourishing areas, property taxes, proximity to interstates, hospitals, attractions and shopping, and bodies of water to name a few.

Let’s pretend that you live in a 3 bedroom, brick ranch with basement in “Perfect Town, USA”. When you plug your address into the search bar on Zillow, you will see a bunch of dots near your home. Those dots represent other homes that have sold, have foreclosed, or that are for sale or for rent. When you click on the dots, it will show you what the home sold for and the dot on your own home is just an average (also known as a “Zestimate”) of what all the others sold for, regardless of how it compares to yours.
Let’s say that half of those homes are colonials, are vinyl sided and not made of brick, don’t have a basement, or have 4 bedrooms or more, or are on the water, while yours is across the street from the water. Those are huge differences in the world of real estate, and especially to the appraiser who will seal the fate of what your home will inevitably sell for.

Your home may have been recently remodeled and has as updated kitchen and bathrooms, a new roof, new windows, new furnace, etc… and some of the homes being used as comps are stuck in the 1980’s.

It could also be the opposite and you may see an inflated value put on your home because others in the area have sold for more because they are new construction or have been renovated. Just because your neighbors’ homes sold for $500K doesn’t mean yours will too.
Appraisers need to compare apples to apples, so unless you live in a neighborhood where all the homes are identical cookie cutter houses, don’t ever expect to sell for what your neighbors sold for. Values change with every season, and the only true indicator of what your home is worth is the buyer. A Realtor can run a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) for you and give you a pretty accurate value and suggested listing price, but what a buyer is willing to offer you is ultimately what your home is worth.
What a buyer is willing to pay is based on many variables too, including the location, the updates and amenities your house includes and how much competition you have. If you live in an area where it’s a sellers’ market, it means you have little competition and more buyers in the area than homes for sale. This is when you want to list your home, and can expect top dollar, as indicated by the buyer!
This doesn’t mean you ask an outrageous amount, because anything over-priced will not sell. If you live in an area that is a buyer’s market, then you need to compete with many other homes for sale and can expect your home to sit on the market longer. No matter what city you live in or how the market is in your area, one thing remains the same:
Zillow is not correct and you need to call your Realtor today to find out the value of your home! It takes a few minutes, it’s FREE and, most importantly, it will be accurate!

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Zara founder buys entire Miami Beach block for $370M

Billionaire Amancio Ortega acquires retail properties in second biggest Miami-Dade deal ever
September 04, 2015 12:00PM 
By Ina Cordle

1035 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (inset: Amancio Ortega)
1035 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (inset: Amancio Ortega)
From the South Florida website: In one of the largest real estate deals in Miami-Dade history, an entire block of Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road has traded hands for $370 million. And the buyer is the world’s fourth richest person, a Spanish fashion billionaire whose empire includes Zara, The Real Deal has learned.
A partnership led by local commercial real estate investors and developers Michael Comras and Jonathan Fryd sold the properties that run from 1001 Lincoln Road through 1035 Lincoln Road, now home to newly built stores for Gap, Intermix, Athleta, Apple and the future location for Nike – which will be built at the former site of Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. The properties total about 48,000 square feet of land and 75,000 square feet of buildings.
Michael Comras
“It’s definitely a blockbuster sale,” Comras told TRD. “It’s the biggest thing I have ever been involved in. It’s the culmination of so many years of planning and working together with Jonathan and we put together an amazing asset, a perfectly curated asset.”
The investors assembled the properties in 1999, paying a total of about $12 million. They then started to lease space to national retailers, helping to spearhead the transformation of the pedestrian promenade, where rents have now skyrocketed to about $300 per square foot.
The sale, which was recorded Wednesday and hit property records late Thursday, is to Playa Retail Investments, with an address at 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Suite 201, according to property records. The firm’s managers include Jose Arnau Sierra, Jaime Carro Merchan, and Roberto Cibeira Moreiras, public records show.
Yet a search of the address links to various entities titled Ponte Gadea, owned by Amancio Ortega, a Spaniard who heads a fashion empire whose most well-known brand is Zara.
armanio ortega
Amancio Ortega
Forbes currently ranks the 79-year-old self-made billionaire as the world’s fourth richest person, pegging his wealth at $70.2 billion.
In 2012, Forbes wrote that he “seems to be using more of his free time to invest in real estate. He has pulled money from Spanish investment funds and poured it into buildings through his Ponte Gadea real estate investment firm,” whose holdings include the Torre Picasso, a 43-story skyscraper in Madrid.
Comras could not confirm the buyer, citing a confidentiality agreement.
At $370 million, the deal tops the largest sale previously on Lincoln Road, a six-property portfolio that traded last year for $342 million. The only commercial site to fetch a higher price was the $375 million sale of a 50 percent stake in Fontainebleau Miami Beach seven years ago.
“It’s a project that we started 16 years ago, and Jonathan and I felt that we had really created one of the most incredible retail blocks on a High Street around the world, with a selection of retailers second to none, and once we had the proper leases and created the value, it made sense to sell the asset,” Comras told TRD.
Lincoln Road is an amazing street, and Miami Beach is an amazing city, and it’s a world class destination,” he added. “It’s just an incredible asset and I’m happy to be part of it.”
In January, the Ortega-founded Inditex, the parent company that owns Zara, plunked down $280 million for a Soho retail condo, breaking the neighborhood’s retail record with a price tag of more $20,000 per square foot. The international clothier owns more than $800 million in Manhattan retail properties.

321 Ocean Penthouse di nuovo in vendita

321 Ocean Penthouse di nuovo in vendita
The penthouse at 321 Ocean owned by Boris and Elizabeth Jordan hit the market at $53 million in December. It was South Beach's priciest residence available until the Faena House penthouse re-listed for $55 million last week.
The 6,800-square-foot two-story residence just listed publicly for the first time, unveiling a sleek batch of pictures. Encompassing the ninth and 10th floors, there are four bedrooms, seven bathrooms (two half-baths), and a private rooftop terrace with a 36-foot infinity pool, barbecue area, and bar. The recently completed luxury boutique building was designed by Enrique Norten.