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Seeking investors. 18% ROI net for 2 years.

Laguna project is a 330 He Real Estate allotment in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, state of Cearà (Fortaleza, northeast area of Brazil). It consists of 8.400 land-lots of which 1.700 sold in the Brazilian Social Housing framework (“Minha Casa Minha Vida”) that will allow a better living standard for 25.000 inhabitants.
Laguna Project represents also the first prototype of a sustainable Smart City, replicable in Countries with large housing shortage and government social housing programs: the definition of the Planet Format for Social Housing “Smart” is the first step for addressing the global affordable housing challenge, a market of 240 USD Billion/year, that today is fragmented, not efficient and not sustainable in the future.
Lots sales, started in 2016, are exceeding expectations and are incomparable in terms of quantity and speed with other allotments in the area, just because customers are understanding the innovative strength of Laguna. The competitive advantage of providing a Smart Infrastructure and services at the same costs of traditional social housing in Brazil, makes project cash flow safer and more solid in comparison with other investments in the Real Estate sector.

Fundraising target amount to approximately  12-13 Mln/USD: the recourse to capital (Equity or Debt) has the aim to provide resources to for the completion of urban works as scheduled without using self-financing from the Project Cash Flow; moreover will contribute to the  research and development in the Social Housing Smart Sector and increase and strengthen the value of Planet Format.

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