Market Analisys for Veridian Grove

The market trend is showing a growth of about 1,5% per year of the median sale price for single-family homes in the Miami metro area
Data source = Zillow

Buying a home at Veridian Grove at 2016 prices, with just 10% deposit at reservation could potentially be a remunerative investment in the short term.
Should the prices trend stay on course, as it happened for the past 3 years, we may see a total value appreciation around 3,5% by the first quarter of 2018.

Our Cypress home, $2,9M at first level pricing today, could be valued at $3.1M by the time you take delivery in 2018. The deposit structure is simple: 10% at contract, 10% at ground-breaking, 10% at shell completion, placing your investment at $870,000. At closing you may decide to return the home to the open market and, if you sell quickly, you could bank on the $200,000 in appreciation, which constitutes a 22% gross gain on your initial investment.

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